The Best Cannabis Strains For Relaxation

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The Best Cannabis Strains For Relaxation

Cannabis for Relaxation

At times it can be challenging to quiet a busy, stressed brain. While most non-medical cannabis users search for the perfect ‘high,’ many people seek relaxation and release stress and anxiety. Cannabis can provide this relief with just the right mix of THC and CBD but Indica dominant. Don’t get tripped up with the variety of choices available. Your budtender should be happy to help find you several options. Understanding Relaxation

Regardless of where you look up the definition for ‘relaxation,’ there is a consensus that it means the relief from mental or physical efforts obtained through activity or some form of recreation providing diversion, relief, or entertainment. It would be similar to re-watching your favorite movie and how you feel shortly afterward or after taking a dip in the jacuzzi. Not sleepy, not spacey. Just… ahhhhh, at ease. Of course, cannabis can make you sleepy, relaxed, or spacey.

Budtenders’ Choices for Relaxation

Since there are different feelings associated with being relaxed, you must first understand what that is for you. The better you can explain this to the budtender, the closer to a match you’re likely to have recommended. In general, there are many strains when it comes to relaxation; however, some of the most popular strains in 2020 for body relaxation have been:

Safety with Strains for Relaxation

Whenever trying a new strain, always start small and monitor your body’s response. While quality strains have expected outcomes and effects, they can also have the opposite. If you are a new cannabis user, it is common practice to start with only half a dose until you know how your body reacts after consumption. Never stop any prescription medication you may be taking to try cannabis. Discuss potential interactions with your medical provider or pharmacist.

In Closing

Cannabis strains to help with relaxation vary greatly. For those looking for more relaxation, an Indica strain with a higher level of CBD is a good option for more of a sedating experience into relaxing, an Indica strain with a higher THC level is appropriate. As with most cannabis options, it comes down to what you want to feel and how your body reacts to the cannabis.

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